The Canadian Index on Measuring Integration (CIMI) is a data driven index measuring the integration of immigrants into Canadian society.

Canadian data sets

The CIMI analysis of immigrant integration is based on various data sets from Statistics Canada that include the Canadian Census, the Canadian Community Health Survey, and numerous cycles of the General Social Survey.

Our Approach

The CIMI takes a comprehensive approach, using up-to-date datasets, examining factors within the key dimensions of integration (i.e. economic, social, health, and civic and democratic).

The selection of indicators is guided by both conceptual and methodological considerations based on existing research and recommendations by our Expert Advisory Committee.

The CIMI examines various integration-related outcomes while adjusting for socio-demographic differences between the immigrant and Canadian-born population from 18 to 64 years old. Immigrants include those who have been or are currently landed immigrants or permanent residents. The CIMI uses descriptive data to demonstrate differences or gaps between immigrants and non-immigrants per integration indicator, which offers snapshots of trends for Canadian regions at specific points in time

CIMI Methodology Overview